What to do when your key fob dies or is misplaced

If your Harley-Davidson is equipped with a security system, you may eventually encounter the unfortunate scenario of a dead key fob battery, lost or misplaced key fob, or even electro-magnetic interference blocking its communication with the bike. 

Fortunately, you're not dead in the water. The Smart Security System is equipped with a PIN override to the system, allowing you to use your bike in such a scenario. 

Changing and Accessing your PIN: On 2014 Models or Newer

If you have your key fob, you can change or view your PIN. Here's how to do it:

1. With your fob present, turn the ignition key ON with the handlebar kill switch in the off position.

2. Cycle the kill switch as follows: Run, Off, Run, Off, Run

3. Press the left turn signal two times. (You will see "ENTER PIN")

4. Press the right turn signal one time.

*At this point, you should see your current PIN with the first digit flashing*

To change your PIN, you must change it one digit at a time.

5. Use the left turn signal to cycle through the numbers 1-9 until you have selected your desired first digit of your new PIN. 

6. Press the right turn signal to move to the next digit in the PIN number, and use the left turn signal to cycle through the numbers once more until your desired digit is entered.

7. Repeat for all five digits of the PIN number. 

8. Once you have entered the last digit, cycle the kill switch to the OFF position, which will take you back to the standard display, and your new PIN will be set!

Utilizing your PIN to disable the system: On 2014 models or newer

Now that you know your PIN, disabling the security system is easy. 

1. With the key fob not present or disabled, turn your bike to IGN and immediately press and release the left turn signal. 

2. From this point, you will be able to input your PIN number utilizing the same controls noted above. (Left turn signal for changing the number, Right turn signal for switching between the digits)

3. Once you have entered all five digits, press the right turn signal one final time and the system will be disabled. Now you can cycle the kill switch to ON and ride!

Important Note: If you make an error (entering an incorrect PIN) while disarming the Security System, the alarm system will activate for 30 seconds after the last digit is entered. After a failed attempt, the security lamp will flash once every second for 10 minutes, and the vehicle will not accept any attempts to enter a personal code during this time.


For models older than 2014, the procedure is a little different and we recommend referring to your owner's manual. If you have any questions, feel free to call or stop by our service department!