Terms of service

Reward Program- Terms & Conditions

Once you are signed up for the Powder Keg Harley-Davidson Rewards Program you will accrue points for purchases of parts, accessories, and service parts. Offer excludes warranty/insurance jobs, gift card purchases, service labor, and vehicles.

Participating stores include Powder Keg Harley-Davidson

Membership invitation is automatically sent to the email address provided. Allow up to 24 hours to receive your email.

Points will be given to the email provided.

200 Rewards points will be given at sign-up.

One (1) Reward point earned for every dollar spent.

H.O.G.® member upgrade = 1.5 points for every dollar spent.

H.O.G.® upgrade is not automatic; it must be manually changed by a manager. It is your responsibility as a H.O.G.® member to let your store know you are a H.O.G.® member. Bring in your H.O.G.® membership card to your HOME dealership to be updated in the system. Allow one week for your status to be updated. H.O.G.® member status is only at Powder Keg Harley-Davidson.

Our Rewards Program is completely automated and does NOT require you to carry a card or fill out any application forms. Once you make a purchase at Powder Keg Harley-Davidson, you will receive an e-mail informing you of all the points you earned and how to redeem those points for a store gift certificate.

To redeem your points simply log into your home account hit “REDEEM” under your available points and then “BUY” the amount wanted in either of the below increments:




Returned items will be deducted from points balance. Points can go negative.

Certificates are printed by the consumer and can be sent to their smartphone.

There is a 24 hour hold period on points before you can redeem them for a gift certificate.

Points expire at the end of every calendar year, i.e., 12/31/17.

Gift certificates are valid for 90 days after issue. Within the 90-day time frame and until redeemed, the certificate can be reprinted. You will, however, need to treat the printed certificate as cash – if lost it cannot be tracked or canceled. Printed certificates can be redeemed by anyone, not just the rewards member.

Parts bought in conjunction with a major unit purchase do not apply to the rewards program.

To cancel simply “Opt Out” when you receive your first e-mail or at any time you may log in to your secure portal and select the option to “Disable” your Powder Keg Harley-Davidson Rewards account.

Loyalty certificates cannot be used to purchase gift cards.

Terms and conditions subject to change. See dealer for more details.